Went to the gun show today in Mesa. It's been years since I went to a show. This one was small and overpriced.

Met some ASU kid who is going to college via hawking mostly old civil war memorabilia and a few antique guns here and there. Good kid.
While I was unimpressed with the show, I love the crowd. Red blooded Americans. Good folks. No nonsense folks, even if some of them are overcharging for ammo and firearms. At one point, when I was trying to navigate through a walkway...elbow to elbow with folks...I chuckled and thought how senseless it would be for the government or any outside forces to ever try and disarm us Americans. Yeah. Good luck with that one...ever.

I love the gun community. Veterans. Men in suits. Young college kids. Old men in their 90's. I've been on this earth over 40 years and have never experienced a true community that would defend one another like the gun community.

Molan Labe - that's all I got to say