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Thread: Ar15 question

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    Allen hoyt

    Ar15 question

    I bought my first AR today. Its a m&p15 sport 2 the barrel says 556 nato is it true i can also shoot 223 as well?

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    Ar15 question

    Yes you can shoot a .223 (lower pressured round than 5.56 ) through a 5.56 marked weapon, cannot shoot a 5.56 through a .223 marked weapon. 5.56 is a higher pressured round in which a barrel marked ".223" would not be able to handle (chamber pressure tolerances and such).

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    Allen hoyt

    Re: Ar15 question

    Okay thank you for the info Not_Warren

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    Re: Ar15 question

    Not_Warren pretty much said it, you can shoot 223 in a 556 barrel but should not shoot 556 in a 223 barrel. Here is an article that has some excellent technical info about the how & why.
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    Re: Ar15 question

    Unless it's marked .223 Wylde. Then you can shoot 5.56, but has to be marked with "Wylde".

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    Ar15 question

    How would I work out an Objects projected top speed?Just give me an example if you can such as the Size/Surfuce of the object, the weight, the thrust, lift and the drag. Then what is the mathematical formula or whatever for working out the objects top speed and acceleration.Sorry if its a hard question but some of you guys in the community being either experts or pilot I thought you might be able to explain it to me.

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    I needed this info too, thanks.

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