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    New guy from San Tan Valley

    Just wanted to pop in and check things out. Name's Abel.
    I'm an avid sport and recreational shooter. I also moonlight as a leathercrafter. I've been stitching leather holsters for several years now and may have even stitched some rigs for some of the members here, through some of the now defunct FB pages.
    I've been collecting firearms for most of my life but my real passion lies in knives (I also have a small business selling knives and knife related goods). Chances are slim that you'll find me without my trusty PM2 in my pocket, or whatever other blade I just spent my walkin money on.
    Enjoy all things outdoors including adventure riding, kayaking, camping, wheelin', though lately most outdoor activities are more centered around what piques the interest of my two young daughters.
    Anyway, good to be here. Look forward to conversing, finding some good deals, and maybe do some selling. Cheers.

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    When my daughter's were younger, we used to do all the above sports minus kayaking. Ha, I loved mountains bike riding up around mammoth lakes and streams around Big Bear in California. Brought my bikes and other hobbies down here to Gold Canyon, but now I'm waiting for back surgery. I'm already missing my deep sea fishing trips.

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