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    To build or not to build AR15

    Ok I can't decide if I should build my AR15 5.56 NATO from the ground up or buy something like the Oracle and add to it. I know I want the magpul ACS stock, MOE grip, Geissele ssa-e trigger, BCM charging handle, 15" key mod or m-lok. What would you do and why?

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    Re: To build or not to build AR15

    I wouldn't waste your money on an Oracle. Spend a few more and get a Smith and Wesson or something in that price range, $600ish. PSA and Anderson are pretty good starts for building one. You can even have an upper made so you don't have to worry about getting the barrel nut and gas block correct (its not that hard if you have the tools). Building one yourself will give you more understanding of the rifle and how it works. I got one already built but have completely torn it down, replacing parts and making it my rifle. It's pretty cool taking it out for the first time and firing off a couple hundred rounds without any problems and knowing that you built it.

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    Re: To build or not to build AR15

    YouTube has a plethora of videos that walk you though each step.

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    Re: To build or not to build AR15

    i would build and just put what you want on it on it in the beginning.
    ive used anderson and aero precision and spikes and others upper and lowers to build mine and to build friends. I bought my first one and then took alot of stuff off so when the next one came i read up, looked at videos and build mine and my wifes and a few more of mine and my brothers and friends. I like doing it that way better cause then i just build it once with what you really want it to be

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    Good advice from those above. I've purchased complete rifles and built a couple. The ones that I've built I've enjoyed a lot more. One can do a budget build, but each that I've done has cost over $1k as I've done them the way that I want them done with parts that I like. All of the parts that you listed will drive whatever off the rack model past the price that I paid for mine. Just some food for thought.

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    I'm thinking the same thing and looking to pickup a decent lower to work on 'post election'. I'm not looking to do any machining, so would appreciate some suggestions as to some brands that would be a good starter!

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