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Thread: New to AZ

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    New to AZ

    Hey guys (and gals if any are on here),

    I found this forum through the Facebook page and figured I'd join and say hello. My name is Stephen. I relocated here from Idaho about 6 or 7 months ago to accept a new job offer. The summer was brutal, but the weather has been MUCH better the past couple months. I do miss the snow, though... I've been skiing since before I could walk so it's weird not seeing snow anywhere.

    I've been a gun owner for about 5 years and currently own a S&W Performance Center M&P9 Shield, a S&W M&P15-22, and a custom AR15 build with a Spikes lower, PWS upper, Vortex Sparc2 (soon to be swapped with a Vortex Strike Eagle with an American Defense QD mount), and miscellaneous parts from Magpul, Odin Works, and BCM. I used to own a regular M&P9 as well, but I sold it to get the Shield because I wanted something smaller for my EDC and there are some other full size pistols I'd rather have if I was going to keep one.

    Unfortunately, I haven't gone out to shoot as often as I'd like since I moved here, but the main reasons for that are I don't know many gun people out here yet and I have no idea where to go. I definitely want to spend more time at the range and I would love to take more training courses if I can fit them into my schedule. If anyone has suggestions for courses to take, please feel free to share them!

    Look forward to meeting some of you.

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    New to AZ

    Hey Im new I dont really know how forums work I am interested in Horror and action movies

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    Yea, but it's a dry heat Snow is visit!

    Most I know just go out into the desert to shoot, not so much the range. I don't shot as often as I'd like but I'm out on the west side and am willing to show you or point you to some areas to shoot at.

    I also partake in a horror or action flick on occasion. HaHa, more than I get out to shoot.

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    New t

    Hey all new to jeep junkies but I know a few members. They told me to sign here I am. Not new to jeeps but I am looking forward to meeting more members and maybe doing some wheeling with ya

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