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    Estate sale - Lots of ammo - buy in bulk

    Will sell bulk only. Min 250rnds. All ammo is factory load except most of the .44mag and .38sp. Original owner was Western comp shooter so a lot is reload wad cutters. All is mixed brands and grains. I have some tracer and subsonic ammo. Cost per rnd is averaged. Willing to trade for a S&W MP Shield 45. No other trades. Prices are non negotiable.

    email to

    .357mag 1150rnds $500 .45c
    .38 4000rnds $1400 .35c
    .44 mag 1000rnds $800 .80c
    .380 2925rnds $1000 .35c
    7.62x39mm 1320rnds $260 .23c
    7.62x25 Tokav 550rnds $220 .40c
    45-70Govt 140rnds $250
    35 Rem 240rnds $360 1.50$
    303Brit 380rnds $300 .85c
    .30carbine 700rnds $350 .50c
    7.92x57mauser 350rnds $245 .45c
    30-06 840rnds $670 .80c
    308win 1160rnds $800 .70c
    9mm 5100rnds $1000 .20c
    5.56nato 3240rnds $1200 .40c
    22LR 8500rnds $800 .10c

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    updated list

    All ammo is factory original with the exception of some of the .44 and .38 with is reloards for western revolver shooting(wad cutters). I will only sell in bulk. Min of 250rnds per sale unless otherwise stated. Cost per bullet is below market cost pertaing to the caliber. All ammo is common brands and grains. I have some subsonic and tracer ammo. Buyers must meet in my area at a place of my choosing, be 18+yrs of age and have a valid AZ DL or ID. Prices are not negotiable. Cash only. All sales are final.

    Bulk discount for for purchase of more than 1000 rounds. The more you buy the more you save.

    Pistol ammo:
    .357Mag 1150rnds - .25c a round
    .44Mag 1000rnds - .30c a round
    .380 2925rnds - .15c a round
    9mm 4600rnds - .20c a rnd
    .38 4000rnds - .25c a round
    7.62x25 Tokav 550rnds - .10c a round

    Rifle Ammo:
    5.56Nato 3240rnds - .30c a rnd
    308Win 1160rnds - .50c a rnd
    30-06 840rnds - @ .60c a rnd
    7.92x57mauser 350rnds - .40c a rnd
    7.62x39mm 1320rnds - .20c a round
    303Brit 380rnds - .70c a rnd
    35Rem 240rnds - $1.00 a round
    .30Carbine 700rnds - .30c a round
    45-70 Govt 140rnds - .50c a rnd

    22LR 8500rnds - .05c a round (must purchase in increments of 1000rounds)

    If you are interested in all of it - Make an offer

    I am willing to trade some ammo for a S&W MP Shield 45 new or used. Must be original condition, no mods or aftermarket parts(sights are ok).

    Contact me Via email -

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