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    Federal HST Self Defense Ammo .380, 9mm, .40, .45

    I've got some Federal Premium HST Law Enforcement hollow point ammo I would like to sell. Nickel plated brass casing. This is the best ammo on the market today. It usually goes for $25 - $30 for a 20rd box. The boxes I have are 50 rounds each.

    .380 99gr JHP: $35/box of 50rds

    9mm 147gr +P or 124gr std. JHP: $34/ box of 50rds, or 3 boxes for $99

    .40 165gr JHP: $29/box of 50rds or 3 boxes for $84

    .45 230gr JHP: $35/box of 50rds or 3 boxes for $102

    I live near the city of Maricopa but can meet in Tempe, Chandler, Ahwatukee, Mesa, or east Phoenix.

    [attachment=0:2a57lw5i]HST 40.jpg[/attachment:2a57lw5i]

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    Hey bud, I'm interested in some federal hst 147g if you still have some?

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    Do you have any more of the .45??

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