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    Hey everybody!

    If you were from the FB page, you'll probably recognize the name. If you were from the various other AZ gun pages or many national forums (Toyota stuff, gun stuff, etc), I usually use the "pc1p" handle. What does "pc1p" stand for? Absolutely nothing - it was the log-in that was autogenerated for me at my first job out of college.

    A little bit about me...

    I've been around guns for a long time now. Started as a tween (that's still a word right?) and got into hunting, then local competition shooting (PA Junior Trap champion!) and then into big-bore wheel guns. After I graduated college, my wife and I moved to AZ and we've been here for over a decade now. I got into AR's about 2 years after living out here (before they were cool) but also grew to appreciate modern polymer guns and precision rifles. I still compete a bit and hope to start doing it more often. My work schedule can be hectic at times, which cuts into shooting time (have to be a good husband and dad too!), plus I was wrapping up a Master's Degree up until last May. Now that I'm not traveling as much, I hope to make Tuesday Night Steel a weekly occurrence (I live 8 minutes away!) and want to start going to state and regional matches after I get back up to speed (I went from "newb" to A-ranked in Production and Limited in about a year).

    As far as work goes, I'm a bit of a nerd. I have a B.S. in Biology and my M.S. is in Environmental Management. I worked as an R&D chemist for many years, then went on to engineering project management, then eventually to environmental management, then to full blown EH&S (environmental health and safety) Management. I'm currently an EH&S Manager as well as the local Quality Manager for the world's largest gas chemical company. I have lots of experience with Quality Control and Quality Assurance, am an ISO9001-2008 Certified Internal Auditor, have a Six Sigma Green Belt (working on my BB), and statistics gives me a chubby. Wait, what...?

    Anyways - I'll try to be on here more often. I signed up for an account weeks ago but have just been too swamped to sit down and put in an intro before I got started. I ended up not having to travel for work this week and took a vacation day today, so swapped out some control arms on my truck, got an alignment, did my taxes, cleaned the garage, swept and mopped the house, played some GT6 and stil had enough time for this A good day by any imagination...

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    hey there sibibik, welcome to The Bright Side cars.. now that is an expensive hobby- Im not there yet as Im a college student where everything is local. might be more of a hassle to have a car, actually -Craig

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    Hello Grant, Welcome to this forum and nice to meet you here. Nikon is not a bad idea according to your budget I guess.

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